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【Let’s improve our defense】How to make effective use of MetaMask

This article explains how to create a MetaMask wallet. It also provides a thorough explanation of how to use multiple wallets, which is recommended as a countermeasure against hacking.
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【Futuristic app that start here】”CNP Friends” Success tacties

This article explains the basic functions and usage of "CNP Friends". This time, I will thoroughly explain the future possibilities of "CNP Friends" as a whole, including how to accumulate CNP point and secret tricks.
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【Aim to be a master】”Ledger” Complete strategy guide

I will explain how to store crypto assets and NFT in a way that is easy for beginners to understand. This time, the explanation will be thorough with an introduction to "Ledger," an extremely safe and secure cold wallet.


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【Recommended for beginners】The future of NFT art

The future of NFT art will be explained in a way that is easy for beginners to understand. I will explain its positioning as an investment and its potential to become an asset, with an introduction to NFT collateralized loans.
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【Recommended for beginners】Key points when purchasing NFT art

This article explains the key points to look out for when purchasing NFT art in a way that is easy for beginners to understand. The following is an explanation of what points to pay attention to when actually purchasing, with examples of actual cases.
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【Let’s walk and make money】Aglet getting started guide

How to get started with 'Aglet' is explained in an easy to understand way for beginners. In this article, an overview of the game, the in-game currency Aglet and other information is explained.