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【Now you are CNP master】CryptoNinja Partners(CNP)Future perspective

This article describes the future of CryptoNinja Partners (CNP), explaining the services currently being offered and the outlook for the future. It also provides a thorough explanation of the appeal of CNP, including an introduction to the benefits of ownership to owners.


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【Recommended for beginners】The future of NFT art

The future of NFT art will be explained in a way that is easy for beginners to understand. I will explain its positioning as an investment and its potential to become an asset, with an introduction to NFT collateralized loans.
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【Recommended for beginners】Key points when purchasing NFT art

This article explains the key points to look out for when purchasing NFT art in a way that is easy for beginners to understand. The following is an explanation of what points to pay attention to when actually purchasing, with examples of actual cases.